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« on: October 15, 2010, 08:18:35 PM »
Heal my broken heart, My Lord, Heal my broken soul,
I feel torn apart, My Lord, And You can make me whole.
Take me in Your arms, My Lord, And hold me to Your breast,
I am oh-so weary, Lord, And You can give me rest.
Wipe away my tears, My Lord, With gentle hands of love,
Quiet down my fears, My Lord, With graces from above.
Stay with me awhile, My Lord, For I feel all alone,
I'm like a little child, My Lord, With You I feel at home.
Help me bear this cross, My Lord, Help me with this pain,
Unite me with Your Cross, My Lord, And I'll be strong again.
Tell me how to cope, My Lord, Let me hear Your voice,
Encourage me with hope, My Lord, Your way, my only choice.
Set me on my feet, My Lord, And stay here by my side,
Until I feel Your strength, My Lord, To walk in steady stride.
Nudge me on my way, My Lord, But stay not far behind,
Until I reach that day, My Lord, With renewed peace of mind.
And on that day, I will say: My broken heart is healed, My Lord,
And so's my broken soul, You are all I need, My Lord, And once again, I'm whole.
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